Video Stories for WordPress

  • Full-screen video stories
  • Pre-roll Advertising*
  • Interactive UX to keep users engaged
  • Built-in Statistics

ReShortz is The Ultimate Video Stories Plugin

ReShortz helps you add short, interactive, full-screen and mobile-first videos to your site.

You’ve seen this kind of videos everywhere, now you can also have this must-have feature on your WordPress site.

Add mobile-first short videos to your site and keep your users engaged.

Our built-in advertising tools allow you to create pre-roll ads and monetize views.

Our built-in analytics tools allow you to keep track of content which your users find interesting, helping you improve content strategy.

The lightweight, smooth and user-friendly full screen videos will keep your users engaged, and likes and comments system will keep them active.


Full-screen, interactive, mobile videos

  • You can create video posts just like you would create regular WordPress posts
  • Content, categories and tags are displayed over video.
  • Users can like and comment videos.
  • Users can filter videos by tags and categories on the fly, without exiting full-screen.
  • Number of views can be displayed to the public.
  • You can add external links to the videos, the link is displayed as an icon. Users will get curious to click on it.

Easy to use

We’re providing you with a Shortcode builder – you can visually set up all the options, and in the end just get a shortcode which you can embed anywhere on the website.

Built-in advertising

  • For each Video post, you can attach pre-roll video advertising, which is a video that will play just before the original video.
  • You can disable skip buttons for pre-roll ads, or set custom timeout before skip button is visible.
  • You can add text content and CTA button to pre-roll ads.

Built-in Analytics

For each video you get extended analytics – we’re counting likes and views, and views are tracked on a daily basis.
This can help you improve your content strategy.

If this is not enough for your analytics, we’re providing a set of back-end and front-end developer hooks, which you can use to integrate any analytics you’d possibly need.

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