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How to create Video Stories that look like YouTube Shorts in WordPress

Ever thought why full-screen short videos, such as YouTube shorts, or Instagram Stories are a so popular?

Reasons for this are multiple, but it can be summarized as this: We’re all in a rush, no time to waste!

So recently I’ve been looking for plugins that would work similar to YouTube Shorts, but couldn’t finnd anything, so I’ve created one myself.

While developing ReShortz, I’ve taken into account all the things which a video influencer may need these days:

  • Keep users engaged by letting them like the videos
  • Keep users active by letting them comment on the videos (and reply to others comments)
  • Keep users watching by loading more videos using tags and categories, all on the same screen, in background, without refreshing the page
  • Videos should play in full-screen, vertically to provide the best User Experience possible
  • You should be able to display some content over the video
  • As a creator, you should be able to monetize your content, this is why I’ve added pre-roll video advertising feature;
  • You can run a pre-roll video and advertise anything you want

The plugin I’ve built is ReShortz, you can check it out here. You can purchase the PRO version here.
A free version is available here, but note that it doesn’t have built-in advertising system, and also lacks commenting functionality.

A demo of the PRO plugin:

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Last modified: March 14, 2022