Product Stories for WooCommerce

A new way to showcase your products

Media-Focused Story

A stylish media-focused story layout which is best fit when you want to showcase your product with a full-screen video or image.

This layout is of best use when you have, for example, a unique selling proposition which is so good that no description is enough for it, so a video or an image is the perfect fit!

Content-Focused Story

A clean story layout which is primarily focused on product’s description, where video or image serves as an extension of your product.

Works best when you want to accentuate product’s description and use the video or image as a utility, rather than the main sale proposition.

Stylish cards for any products

We have crafted a collection of stylish cards you can choose from for your stories.

Each of them has its best use-case: highlighting the price, rating, or images.

For each story you can define alternative titles and content, significantly extending the ways to describe your products and potentially increasing conversions.

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Plugin Features

Product Stories for WooCommerce allows you to create stunning full-screen stories for your WooCommerce Products.

Stories have become one of the most popular content types on the internet, and it’s a great way to showcase your best products and keep your users engaged.

With Product Stories for WooCommerce you can choose between two stylish full-screen layouts which are completely responsive and look great on both
desktop and mobile.

Shortcode Builder

You can visually configure everything and in the end obtain a shortcode which you can embed anywhere on the site.

Responsive and Mobile-First

The design of our cards and stories are not just clean and stylish, but were designed with mobile-first approach, meaning they provide the best possible UX for mobile, and for desktop as well.

Smooth UX

We did our best in replicating native-like experience. Your stories will not only look straight out of an app, but behave just like that!

Full-Screen Stories

  • One style focused on product visuals – full screen video or image with content over it.
  • One style focused on product description – image or video will be displayed in a smaller area.
  • Both styles support video and image content.
  • Both styles look great on both desktop and mobile.
  • You can override certain product fields at story level, such as title, content, image and video, in order to make your stories look as good as possible.


  • Four cards styles from which you can choose.
  • Each style can be “wrapper” either in a carousel behavior, horizontal scroll, or classic grid.
  • Each card style supports pagination, so you can choose how many posts you want to display.
  • You can order by views, price, comments, etc.
  • You can display items from certain categories.
  • You can use different images than the ones in the product, so that could save you some time.
  • We provide you with a shortcode manager, where you can visually choose all the settings, without needing to code anything.
  • You can create as many shortcodes as you want and include them anywhere.
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