ReShortz – Video Stories for WordPress

ReShortz helps you build awesome Video Stories, bringing you a new way to communicate with your users .

Short video content is quickly becoming the most popular content type these days, you have seen this type of content everywhere, now it’s time to bring it to your WordPress website as well!

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“Style 1” Grid with Horizontal Scroll

“Style 2” Grid displayed as classic cards

“Style 1” Grid with Carousel

Full-Screen Video Stories

  • You can create Video Stories that look just like they’re viewed in an app.
  • Each story can have content, categories and tags – they’re displayed over the video.
  • You can keep the users engaged thanks to our likes & comments system.
  • Videos can be filtered by categories and tags – choose a tag and the playlist will be updated, without page refreshing or even interrupting the video.

Display Variations

You can display video stories in one of these ways:

  • A classic grid of Video Stories
  • A Carousel of Video Stories
  • Show Video Stories with Horizontal scroll

Additionally there are three styles for story cards, and one “classic” way to display them as circles.

Shortcodes Builder

You won’t need to remember all shortcode options and write them manually – just head to our Shortcodes Builder, select your options, copy the shortcode and insert it anywhere.

Video Pre-Roll Ads

  • For each Video Story, you can create Pre-Roll Ads, which is a video that will play just before the original video.
  • You can disable skip buttons for Pre-Rolls.
  • You can direct users to any URL from the Pre-Rolls

Track Views & Likes

We’re counting likes and views so you can see which Stories are more popular. We also give you day-by-day statistics, so you can keep track which content is more popular, for example, in weekends.

We also provide you with some back-end and front-end developer hooks, which you can use to extend the analytics.

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Last modified: May 30, 2022

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